Public Image Limited despatch a powerhouse performance in Buckley

Live Review

John Lydon of PiL. Photo by Terry Marland.

By Terry Marland, Rock At Night Manchester

Live Review: Public Image Limited (PiL) with Meryl Streek-The Tivoli Venue Buckley Wales U.K.-Saturday 16th September 2023

The Tivoli Venue has a rich pedigree of artists that have performed the over the years including Oasis,Black Sabbath and Led Zepplin . Tonight, and not for the first time, they host Public Image Limited (PiL).

Meryl Streek

Meryl Streek. Photo by Terry Marland.

Support is ‘provided by Irish avant-garde Punk artist Meryl Streek who takes to front of stage almost in darkness and traverses at speed while spitting out angry protests about a range of contemporary issues including abuse in the Catholic Church and inept politicians all to a throbbing backing tape interspersed with radio news recordings. Tracks include “Start”, “Full of Grace” and the much streamed “Death to the Landlord”. Engaging and edgy.

Public Image Limited

John Lydon of PiL. Photo by Terry Marland.

The audience tonight , that spans the age ranges from teens to pensioners, is transfixed from the moment John Lydon and his band emerge. The punk icon has a masterful stage presence that has barely diminished over the last forty odd years.

Standing centre stage and flanked by his stellar band he pumps out songs new and old in a highly animated delivery with theatrical facial expressions and gestures. His voice seems as strong as it has ever been.

New songs from the recently released End of the World album “Penge” “Car Chase” and the controversial (nothing new here) “ Being Stupid Again” are met with enthusiastic applause from the Buckley faithful. The tracks are easily accommodated alongside more familiar numbers including “Death Disco” and “This is Not a Love Song,” As the main set concludes with ”Shoom” he advises the crowd that if they make enough noise the band will be back in five minutes. The audience duly oblige and the PiL return for a raucous encore that concludes with a powerhouse delivery of “Rise”.

At 67 John Lydon continues to be a unique talent with plenty of miles left in the tank.



Terry Marland