Review: Red Reign’s single/video ‘Don’t Look Back’

Single/Video Review

Red Reign

By Michael Alahverdian, Rock At Night New England

Review: RED REIGN’s “Don’t Look Back” – Release date August 10, 2023

As a longtime fan of music (as well as being a musician myself), there are many things that I look for when evaluating a band. First is, of course, excellent musicianship in addition to superb songwriting. But a close second is the appreciation and love that the band has for their fans and supporters. Fortunately, most musicians I have encountered are lovely, down-to-earth people.

Take the rock band Red Reign, for example. Originally from Richmond, Virginia, the band consists of longtime time rockers, singer/guitarist Carlton “Bubba” McMichael, guitarist Stevie Shred, bassist Larry Moore, and drummer Sammy Lee. Their new single, “Don’t Look Back,” speaks for itself with the solid vocals and guitar work of McMichael and Shred, along with the outstanding rhythm section of Moore and Lee. Listen for the excellent guitar solo and the fast-as-lightning footwork of drummer Lee as he showcases his double bass abilities. They also added the incredibly talented guitarist George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob) to elevate this song. Produced by Grammy-Award nominated producer David Ivory (Halestorm, The Roots, Erykah Badu) and nearing completion on their forthcoming studio album, Don’t Look Back on Deko Entertainment, Red Reign is quickly approaching the pinnacle of their careers.

Red Reign admits they are a live band, first and foremost. They work off the energy of their live performances and reciprocate by giving it all to their fans. After the show, they enjoy going out into the crowd, connecting with the audience, getting to know them, and showing appreciation to their adoring fans.

“Don’t Look Back” has an 80’s influenced sound that will take you back to a time that produced many great bands that remain as popular today as they did forty years ago. Let’s face it; great music always stays in style. In addition to their single, Red Reign has released a video that gives you an up close and personal view of some live and behind-the-scenes footage.









Michael Alahverdian