Review: The Splatter Pattern’s album ‘While We Were Making Plans’

Album Review

The Splatter Pattern

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: The Splatter Pattern – While We Were Making Plans-Release date: May 5, 2023

Bill Ryan

When drawing their inspiration from the musical decades past, quite a few current artists stick to a specific artist or a musical style.

On the other hand, others, like the Kansas City duo Splatter Pattern take inspiration from a specific musical era, irreverent of style, genre or an artist. Of course, whether the music is good or not, depends on how well immersed they are in their inspiration and how much of their own imagination is involved in creating music.

Dave Storms

When making their latest offering ‘While We Were Making Plans,’ Bill Ryan and Dave Storms who are The Splatter Pattern referred to the seventies and incorporated into their sound everything from psychedelia, prog rock, even post punk, with an obvious love for all things David Bowie.

Yet the duo’s obvious intention was to firmly place their inspiration from the seventies into a modern musical milieu. Listening to the album two things stand out – not only do Ryan and Storms have an encyclopedic knowledge of the seventies, but they have thoroughly able to transform their inspirations into a coherent personal music that stands on its own.




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