Review: Bourbon House’s album ‘The Fourth Album’

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Bourbon House

By Mike Alahverdian, Rock At Night New England

Review: Bourbon House’s  The Fourth Album – Release date May 28, 2023

When asked to review the newest album from Bourbon House, The Fourth Album, I was curious about this band, where they originated, and their past music. 

Bourbon House, founded by Lacey Crowe and Jason Clark in Wisconsin in 2017, has had a few personnel changes thru the years. However, from their debut in 2017 to their most current release, this band has shown talent and consistency throughout every album. Musicianship and great songwriting speak for themselves; this band has proven that. Even from their humble beginnings, they were very accomplished at what they were doing. 

Strongly influenced by Led Zeppelin(along with other blues/rock-style bands), they kick it up, and to their credit, don’t simply rely on 1-4-5 chords (Nashville Number System) as many rock/blues bands do.

With their opening song, “Resonate,” the drums of Alec Martin set the tone for an excellent album. Lacey Crowe’s unique and powerful vocals will impress you from the beginning. When lead guitarist Jason Clark and bassist Steve Lotharius follow the trend and begin showing their talents, this band becomes a solid contender to be one of the better original bluesy rock bands that I have heard in a while, perhaps even since the heyday of Zeppelin.

The band follows up with “Love Is A Killer,” another Led Zep-sounding song, but then quickly changes to “Out For Blood,” a Heart/Ann Wilson-sounding tune. Then, they let you catch your breath with “High Road Gypsy” and “20 To Life.” Next, “Villain” will grab your attention as it moves quickly and climaxes with a short but outstanding guitar solo by the uber-talented Clark.

“Hotel Bar Blues,” “Blue Magic,” and “Wild Days” are followed by two live-acoustic songs, “Devil On My Heels” and “High Road Gypsy.” “Blue Magic” is a favorite that will sweep you off your feet. Lacey Crowe’s passionate vocals will make you want to listen to this song repeatedly. 

Bourbon House: The Fourth Album is a collection of songs you will enjoy. As a musician and fellow music lover, it is rare to find such an excellent combination of songwriting, musicianship, and stellar vocals. This album passes the test with flying colors.

Please do yourself a favor, listen, and judge it for yourself.

1. Resonate
2. Love is a Killer
3. Out for Blood
4. High Road Gypsy
5. 20 to Life
6. Villain
7. Hotel Bar Blues
8. Blue Magic
9. Wild Days
10. Devil on My Heels Acoustic (Live)
11. High Road Gypsy Acoustic (Live)







Michael Alahverdian

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