New Jersey punk bands gather to celebrate at Salty’s Beach Bar

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Mike Ramirez's birthday bash at Salty's Beach Bar. Photo by Jeff Crespi.

By Jeff Crespi, Rock At Night New Jersey

Live Review: Punk scene promoter & musician Mike Ramirez’s birthday bash-Salty’s Beach Bar, Belmar, NJ-June 23, 2023

Mike Ramirez’s birthday bash at Salty’s Beach Bar. Photo by Jeff Crespi.

This past weekend we celebrated a Jersey music scene punk, Mike Ramirez. He has been playing in punk rock bands all his life but he also is one of the guys who has supported the scene from day one by putting on shows of his own. During the pandemic when shows were not happening, Mike found a way to make them happen by creating Poorman NJ. Alongside his friend Jay who created Stomp Out NJ they were able to put on punk and hardcore shows across the state for local charities. These are good people who honestly care about the scene and do everything they can to keep it striving.

Salty’s Beach Bar has become a new spot for shows since some of the other smaller venues have taken a dump due to the pandemic. Swank another hardcore/punk dude has been huge in putting together and promoting shows in the area under Shore Style Punk Night. Mike also plays in a couple of current bands called Tear Gas and Kirkby Kiss, which have been performing frequently.

Now for the birthday bash, a couple of hundred peeps came out to celebrate—and a celebration it was. The bands that played were Parasitix, Pissed, Tear Gas, Lesser Minds, Chemical X, and Shadow Banned. It was a fun night and always great seeing everyone enjoying themselves. Thanks to everyone who keeps the scene alive and kicking.



Michael Ramirez (@poormannj) | Instagram

@stompoutnj | Instagram

Shore Style Punk Night (@shore_style_punk_night) | Instagram

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