Review: Rock band Kings County’s single/video ‘Holding On’

Single/Video Review

By Michael Alahverdian, Rock At Night New England

Review: Kings County’s single/video “Holding On” – Release date April 28, 2023

Kings County’s new single/video “Holding On” speaks volumes. This hard-driving song has some truth behind it. Love can sometimes be complicated, and this song brings about the insanity of it when love goes wrong.

The lyrics, anger, energy, and passion with which this song plays out (produced with the exceptional talents of Chuck Alkazian) tell you that there are some hidden feelings about past relationships.

Bassist/vocalist Rob Dexter screams his vocals out to let you know that he means business, while guitarists Steve Bell and Bill Kania pack a one-two punch that exemplifies what a pair of top-notch guitarists can accomplish together. The talent of drummer Joe Lopez speaks for itself. He drives this song for almost three-plus minutes with outstanding bass/kick drum work and endless energy.

When vocalist Dexter gets to the chorus and sings,” Everything you say, all the tears you cry, lost another day, on a long goodbye,” you can understand what he means because we have all been there.

The video, directed by Jon Vulpine, is a three-minute masterpiece. The creepy location, burning dolls, tormented woman, etc., feels like a mini horror movie. Just an all-around fantastic video that we don’t get to see too often these days.

“Holding On” is a song/video that is too good to ignore. Kings County is an influential rock band that needs to be recognized and appreciated.


Michael Alahverdian