Mac Saturn bring Detroit energy and soul to Nashville

Live Review

Mac Saturn. Photo by Janelle Hagan.

By Gabrielle Sanchez, Journalist and Janelle Hagan, Photographer — Rock At Night Nashville

Live Review: Mac Saturn with Billy Tibbals – The End, Nashville, TN – February 27, 2023

Billy Tibbals. Photo by Janelle Hagan.

A rock and roll renaissance occurred at The End in Nashville, Tennessee. Mac Saturn and Billy Tibbals Band took fans on a transcendent musical journey on Monday night. Both bands were not shy about their on-stage presence. Each performance had a different essence; each band created an image for themselves. The venue was packed with fans of all ages, eagerly waiting to experience the electrifying energy of each band’s live performance.

The Billy Tibbals Band finally took the stage around 8 pm. From the beginning, the band had an immense stage presence. From their look to their charm, fans were captivated by them. The crowd was immersed in their performance. The Billy Tibbals Band had a Ramones look to them–Brit rock influence. You almost had the urge to forget everything and just dance the night away. Fans were jumping up and down and dancing with their closest friends. Fans were present in the moment and that’s all that mattered. Billy Tibbals invited fans if they want to go to “Forever Land” with them, and they did just that.

Mac Saturn. Photo by Janelle Hagan.

From the moment the first note was played, Mac Saturn put on a Carson Mac (vocals), Mike Moody (guitar), Jive Moses (bass), Angie Coppola (drums), and Evan Mercer (keys) created a realm for fans to feel alive for one night. Carson Macc had such a romantic essence that elevated the aura of the show. The band’s chemistry was undeniable, with each member feeding off the others’ energy, and the crowd’s enthusiasm only added to the electric atmosphere. The guitarists shredded through each solo with ease, while the bassist, drummer, and keyboardist laid down a solid groove that kept the crowd dancing all night long.

Mac Saturn. Photo by Janelle Hagan.

The crowd was in the palm of their hand. From calls and responses to inviting fans on a journey of a phone call, fans were ecstatic to participate. The most intimate part of the show was the connection between Mac Saturn and their fans. The audience seemed extremely familiar with all their songs- even their unreleased ones. It was clear that these musicians had a deep appreciation for their fans, and the feeling was definitely mutual. There was a sense of unity and camaraderie in the room that was truly special. We were all bound by one thing that night, and it was music.

As the night went on, the energy in the room only continued to build. The band played songs from their latest EP Until The Money Runs Out, each one met with cheers and applause from the crowd. A celebration of unity and music is what brought every soul together. Just like Carson Macc said, “Rock & Roll is alive”.

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