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Mac Saturn


By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa and Vlad T, Rock At Night Detroit

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Carson Macc of Mac Saturn

Finding themselves in a historical and magical locale in Midtown Detroit, a group of young and hungry musicians are channeling the sounds and spirits from a classical era of rock and soul.  Living in the same urban chateau, this band known as Mac Saturn is conjuring a blend of sonic influences drawn from their Brit blues rock and Motown roots.

Reflecting the grace and quirky decadence of their chateau’s velvet paintings and elegant staircase, these chaps hint at notes of Jagger, Morrison, and even Marvin Gaye for a sound vaguely familiar yet ultimately all their own.

Nick Barone-Mac Saturn

Rock At Night had the opportunity to chat with this up-and-coming band about not only their music but also how Detroit’s musical history influences their identity and their sound.  With a forthcoming album ready to pounce, these cats are purring hot and ready to strut!

Listen to the audio podcast and check out some of the vintage-inspired photos in Rock At Night’s photo gallery. Look for an in-depth article in our upcoming Fall 2021 print edition, to be released on September 20th.

Angelo Coppola of Mac Saturn

Look for Mac Saturn performing live at The Magic Stick in Ferndale, Michigan on August 14th.

Band Members: Carson Macc (vocals/percussion), Nick Barone (guitar/vocals), Mike Moody (guitar/vocals), Jive Moses (bass), and Angelo Coppola (drums/vocals).

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