Review: The Velvet Hands’ album ‘Sucker Punch’

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The Velvet Hands

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Album Review: The Velvet Hands – Sucker Punch-Release date: February 3, 2023 via JamX / Blood Records

The Velvet Hands

What would you call the rock British quartet The Velvet Hands play?

Many would dub it post-punk. Yet, when this term came into use, nobody really cared to define exactly what it includes. It certainly meant a slight, or not so slight move from the so-called hardcore pun of the late seventies, and possibly something that touched on so many things – from the sound of the original Velvet Underground in the sixties, through the sound of The Clash of the seventies punk to grunge and more pop-infused sounds of the bands like The Strokes and Parquet Courts, the younger audiences might be more familiar with.

And that is exactly where Toby Mitchell, Dan Able, Louis Mitchell and Sam Hilder who comprise The Velvet Hands are currently as can be heard on their latest album Sucker Punch.

Whatever you label their music, one epithet can certainly describe their music – rousing and exciting, with a rush of guitars and vocals all around. Whether you would add a rebel description with that rousing one, it doesn’t matter – it is definitely the music you would put on when you want something brash and loud but at the same time with a melody behind it that makes sense. You can definitely label it as open windows (at home or in the car) music that works!

‘SUCKER PUNCH’ TRACKLIST1. 40 Up 40 Down2. Telephone Love3. Holiday In My Head4. Emotion5. Over It Now6. Sucker Punch7. Meet Me In The City8. Anybody Out There9. I Wanna Be There10. Devils Tail

*The album was recorded by John Logan at The Cube Studios in Cornwall, and was produced and mixed by John Logan and JamX Jules at Par Studios.







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