Proclaimed metal head shares his Spotify Wrapped–and surprises await!

By Gus Samarco, Rock At Night Raleigh

We’ll fans of Rock ’n’ roll, the Spotify Wrapped is out for this year and yours truly wanted to confirm his listening habits. Surprises await!

Let’s start with genre:


Basically I like it loud and heavy. No surprises there.

The top Artists brings no surprises with #1 being @Metallica, but those who know me will be scratching their heads with #2, @theinterrupers.  Let’s have a pause here.

I was assigned to shoot Flogging Molly that night and The Interrupters was an opening act. I’m not ashamed to say I’m stuck in the wake of the British Wave of Heavy Metal and it’s splash in America with Pantera and the Big Fou and that’s what I basically listen to on my own will. As a concert photographer I like to listen to the artist I’m photographing, but in this case, the band was an opening act and I honestly neglected it. I’m happy I did. Their music hit me straight in the face, like a brick. Although it’s not what I usually listen, their music had an incredibly powerful uplifting effect on me, during a time I was struggling with life, so there’s that. Thank you, The Interrupters.

Alright # 3, 4 and 5, absolutely no surprises here (Maybe For All Kings is not everyone’s favorite Anthrax album, but I really flipping like it!)

Looking at the wrapped 2022 playlist, it also includes a lot of Pantera (duh!), Infectious Groove, Dirty Honey (another pleasant Surprise for 2022), Dio, Clutch and the very best band of 2022, Honeybee!

Well, although this is no surprise to anyone that knows me, I actually have a subscription to so I can listen to my favorite Metallica live performances (which explains the next picture), it’s my favorite band, what can I say?

Did I mention I really liked The Interrupters? Well, Surprise!

Honorable mention to Honeybee, you can read my review of their album HERE 


Gus Samarco

Forest Live Festival – UK

Forest Live Festival – UK