Review: Sick Puppies’ single ‘Ready Steady Go’

Single Review

Sick Puppies

By Leslie Grimes, Rock At Night Knoxville, TN

Music Review: Sick Puppies’ single ‘Ready Steady Go’-October 4, 2022

Sick Puppies are channeling the heavy, fast-paced energy of the NHL in their cover of Paul Oakenfold’s classic song “Ready Steady Go”. The band up the tempo and puts a grunge-esque spin on the song that is sure to match the intensity of the upcoming NHL season. Powerful, exciting, and full of the energy that hockey fans crave, “Ready Steady Go” is a real barn burner.


About the Sick Puppies

Sick Puppies burst onto the scene in 2001, and have been making their mark with 6 albums and 13 single releases, along with touring the world.  The trio, that consists of Emma Anzai (Bass, Backing Vocals), Mark Goodwin (Drums/Backing Vocals) and Bryan Scott (Lead Vocals/Guitar) have more than 500 million audio streams of their music and more than 250 million views of their videos on Youtube.  Their hits include “You’re Going Down”, “Gunfight”, “All The Same”, “Riptide”, “Maybe”, “My World”, and “Here With You”.


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