Chatting with Amanda Warner AKA ‘DeepKutz’ of LVCRFT

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Amanda Warner AKA Deepkutz

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By Tampa Earl Burton, Rock At Night Tampa

Interview with Amanda Warner AKA ‘DeepKutz’ of LVCRFT

LVCRFT – “Scream Warriors”

Amanda Warner, a grammy-winning electro-pop artist, songwriter, and record producer and member of LVCRFT  has been on the microphone and behind the scenes reshaping pop music over the past 10 years. LVCRFT partnered with legendary horror film composer Christopher Young (Hellraiser, Nightmare On Elm Street 2, Sinister, Drag Me To Hell, Exorcism Of Emily Rose and more) to compose their latest album Scream Warriors.

In this edition of the Rock at Night Podcast, “Tampa Earl” Burton sits down with Amanda Warner, AKA ‘DeepKutz,’ one of the founding members of the musical collective known as LVCRFT. Not only has LVCRFT (pronounced as it looks – “Lovecraft”) worked with some of the biggest names in music today, including Katy Perry and Dua Lipa, they have also made their mark in performing new Halloween music. Their latest album is Scream Warriors, in collaboration with legendary Hollywood horror film composer Christopher Young, which takes the group in new directions. Amanda talks about how difficult it is to make the jump from a “happy pop ditty” to a “spooky soundtrack” and how the spooky culture of Los Angeles helps to make the music of LVCRFT even better for their fans.If you’re looking for new Halloween tracks – let’s face it, “The Monster Mash” has gotten a bit old! – then check out our Rock at Night Podcast interview with Amanda and learn more!”

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