Review: The Comanchero’s single ‘Happy Birthday to Me’

Single Review

The Comancheros

By Justin Hurst-Kehus, Rock At Night Detroit

Review: The Comanchero’s single “Happy Birthday to Me” – Release date September 16, 2022

Happy Birthday to us, because The Comancheros’s “Happy Birthday To Me” is a bop. Missouri boys The Comancheros deliver a fantastic rock and misery driven song that feels like a heavy metal Drive By Truckers.

Full of simple and satisfying hard rock riffs, and twangy southern flavor, “Happy Birthday To Me” delivers instantly catchy ruminations of feeling unloved on your birthday. It delivers that sing into your beer sorrow, but at a headbanging pace with drums that drive the music forward with satisfying “boom” and “bap” as well as a chaotic high end. The bass delivers great flavor and melody under the crunchy guitars, and perfectly twangy and edged vocals.

I’ve been singing along to the lyrics, and playing air guitar to the solo since listen two on this song, so I guess it’s time you all find out I’m a bit of a country boy, because I love this song. The Comancheros’s “Happy Birthday To Me” feels like the perfect balance of hard rock and alt-country tears in beers goodness.


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Justin Hurst-Kehus