Review: Trevor and the Joneses’ single ‘Love It!”

Single Review

Trevor and The Joneses

By Justin Hurst-Kehus, Rock At Night Detroit

Music Review: Trevor and the Joneses – “Love It!” – Release date July 29, 2022

Trevor and the Joneses

Well, it’s finally starting to cool down (in Michigan at least), but even if you’re hot, how about

something with a little warmth out of Las Vegas. Trevor and the Joneses “Love It!” Self described as “indie psychedelic folk punk alternative garage hard rock and roll headphone music,” this emerging band expands their sound even more with this catchy new single that gives hints of surf, akin to The Beach Boys and Wavves.

I think my preferred way to listen to this song is on loop. Its bassy drums, percussive vocals, vamping guitar, and warm/reverb heavy synth are completely hypnotic. It took me a few listens to really feel like I had properly explored the song, where I also caught some darkly catchy lyrics like “I can kill all that you’ve grown” and cleverly meta ones like “jump right out my Jones.”

This is one of the cleanest things I’ve heard out of a garage, with fantastic production that I suspect sounds much more expensive than it was. They achieve this without taking away from their The Stooges, psychedelic garage rock energy. I also love the way the song slowly builds, adding new instrumentation, but peeling back right before it goes to the final, busiest section.

I have aspirations of being a dad, so when it comes to my final conclusion to this song I’m going to tell you (with I suspect a groan on your end) that I “Love It!”

Band Members

  Trevor Jones:  guitars/vox
Chris Montijo:  drummings
Joe Lawless:  guitars/keyboards/vox
John Fallon:  Bassings


Justin Hurst-Kehus

Forest Live Festival – UK

Forest Live Festival – UK