Catching up with Tommy Fradenburg of JUST TOMMY

Podcast Interview

Tommy Fradenburg of Just Tommy

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa

Interview: Tommy Fradenburgh of JUST TOMMY

Rock At Night has been following Arizona artist Just Tommy AKA multi-instrumentalist Tommy Fradenburg since he released his sunshiney cover of Pharrell’s “Happy” and the bright synth single “Run”.  We spoke with him in October 2021 and felt we needed to catch up with him this year since he’s been particularly busy.  He has been performing frequently at the Whiskey A Go-Go in Hollywood (and with a drummer), has released more music with the assistance of producer Chuck Alkazian, Pearl Sound Studios.  Additionally, he has produced more videos–and very elaborate videos, I may add–with the aid of two talented women Chloe and Cheyanne of C&C Productions. Scroll down the page and check out the video for “What Would You Do?”

Not only is Tommy working on performing and releasing new music, he has become a media machine with videos posted daily in Instagram and TikTok. The videos are both informative (he likes science and conspiracy theories), technical (he makes his  own electric guitars), and humorous (you’ll just have to watch and see). He loves to poke fun of himself, often wearing a t-shirt that says “Awkward” which he is now branding as his trademark. After all, don’t we all feel “awkward” at times?

On July 7th, Rock At Night will be premiering his latest video for the very infectious and upbeat single “Best Friend.” We are excited to see the production, which includes actors and a futuristic sci-fi theme, we understand, and a special star: Bear the German Shepherd.  We hear Bear has quite a following in social media as a “public figure” so this should be really fun!

Listen to this podcast, which is very entertaining and you can get a glimpse into the wonderful mind of Just Tommy.

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