Chatting with songwriter/musician Tommy Fradenburgh of Just Tommy

Tommy Fradenburgh of Just Tommy

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa

Interview: Tommy Fradenburgh of JUST TOMMY


Arizona band Just Tommy has been on Rock At Night’s radar for the last year since releasing his sunshiny cover of Pharrell’s “Happy” and recently the bright synth single “Run”. Just Tommy is actually Tommy Fradenburgh, a multi-instrumentalist, who is the creative brain behind these upbeat singles with great dance beats. So, Rock At Night wondered, “Who is Tommy?”  We had the pleasure of speaking with him recently to discover not only who Tommy is but what’s next on his agenda.

In the interview Tommy Fradenburgh discusses how COVID influenced his recent upbeat work, the possibility of touring with a full band, the meaning behind his technicolor graphic for the song “Run”, and what is coming up next! Check out this entertaining conversation!

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