Sid Stratton and Bad Witch Burlesque take over the Haven Lounge

Live Review

Sid Stratton. Photo by David Lucas.

By David Lucas, Rock At Night Orlando

Live Review: Sid Stratton and Bad Witch Burlesque – Haven Lounge, Orlando – May 27, 2022

Sid Stratton. Photo by David Lucas.

This one is not an easy one to cover, so let’s start out with a little backstory. Owning the rights to his music that he had written from his previous band, Martyrs Asylum, Sid took these songs back into the studio to remix and remaster as well as adding an additional six new tracks to complete a full length new album titled “All My Deadly Sins.” Over the last couple years, Sid has been working on putting together a new band to back him on stage. Patience has definitely paid off this time. After listening to and searching through auditions, the wait was over. Sid had selected his new bandmates. Sid himself covers vocals, bass and acoustic guitar. Stevie McDonald on drums, Ryan McMillion on lead guitar and Richard Shirley on second guitar and backing vocals.

Lashes Lane. Photo by David Lucas.

This was not my first time seeing Sid Stratton live. However, this was my first time seeing him with his new band. I, like everyone else in the venue, was not disappointed. Sid has always put on a stellar performance and this time was no different. One of Sid’s signature moves at the Haven Lounge is getting out on the floor with his fans and also jumping up and playing from on top of the bar. Adding to the performance was none other than Orlando’s very own Lashes Lane and Goldie La’Vie of Bad Witch Burlesque.

Opening up the set with Leviathan, second Candle for the Sinners, Both 2015 releases from the album “Grudge Against the World” and remixed and remastered for the 2021 album “All My Deadly Sins”. Third into the set, Sid brings out his very special guests, Lashes and Goldie. “Censored” was the perfect choice for their routine, the whole venue was all eyes on these beautiful ladies. Next was a rock ‘n’ roll version of Lana del Rey’s “Children of the Bad Revolution”. The fun did not stop there. Goldie La’Vie took the stage once again for “Oleander” and visited the audience during this performance. The lovely Lashes Lane comes out for an acoustic version of one of my personal favorites, “Alone”. The night’s set list also included “King of the Bottomless Pit” and “Demon’s Tongue”. Finishing the night off with “Rotten Rose” as a duet with fiance and head bad witch, Lashes Lane.


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