Review: Electro pop artist Molly Moore’s EP ‘Escapism’

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Review of Molly Moore’s EP Escapism – Release date February 11, 2022

Molly Moore

Escapism is a 4 song EP by the pop artist Molly Moore. This EP follows the release of Molly’s 2020 debut album Voice on the Internet. The album included a post break-up song “Handsomer” ft. Maty Noyes, which can also be heard in Amazon’s new film Jolt starring Kate Beckinsale. You can also watch the official music video at the bottom of this article!

Escapism is story about her growth and transformation as she comes to terms with accepting her faults and learning to love herself and others. This EP songs features a lot of empowering, catchy songs you might find yourself groovin’ in the club to or singing in the car with your friends. A song that stood out to me from the rest was “Vacation”. This is a slower, more blues/soulful type of sound compared to the other songs on the EP. This song reminds me of Steve Lacy, Kali Uchis, or the iconic Bootsy Collins. I highly recommend this EP to get you through the winter months!  


  1. Shy: Getting ready, cleaning.
  2. Do They? Instead of texting a toxic ex, listen to this song instead, boss babe! 
  3. Vacation: Having sex
  4. Marco Polo ft. NoMBe: At a pool party, duh


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