Meet the Band: Michigan’s deathcore band Realm of Sheol

Realm of Sheol. Photo by Jacob Dillon.

By Jacob Dillon, Rock At Night – Grand Rapids, Michigan

Realm of Sheol. Photo by Jacob Dillon.

Realm of Sheol is a 3-piece deathcore band from Grand  Rapids Michigan. They really are not that different from you or me–though on stage you would not agree. They all command it and own it. They bring an energy and seismic sound that is otherworldly. On stage they are monsters, off stage they are just your normal everyday guys. The band has a lineup of Anthony Karrar on the thunderous bass and vocals, Sean Carpenter on guitar and Jacob Prather on drums.

It’s been a hard year for these guys and the local scene with the rampant spread of COVID and closures of local venues. Yet, they have refused to give in and have begun to carve a name for themselves in the area and into the surrounding states as well. They bring an interesting blend of sludge, death, and heavy metal to the table mixing it all together to create a unique sound that belongs to them alone in this area surrounded by so many “core” bands

Realm of Sheol. Photo by Jacob Dillon.

The single “Extreme Indifference” sounds like the darkest demons clawing their way out of the depths of hell. The track is heavy eerie and hypnotic. You will hear influences from early 2000’s Iron Maiden and humanities last breath in the way that the riffs are composed helping to bring about the seismic hypnotic sound that makes Realm of Sheol stand out from the crowd.

Though these last few years have been tough, the guys could not be happier with the support they have received upon returning to the scene. Realm is excited to be releasing their self-titled debut album on March 25th  and will be embarking on a tour throughout the Michigan and Indiana area to promote it.  You can catch them at Mulligans in Grand Rapids March 25th with Ghalta, a deathcore band from South Bend Indiana, and Creeping Night, a Heavy Metal band from Detroit.







Jacob Dillon