Hur Många Dagar Kvar! Knogjärn’s newest heavy hitting single

Knogjärn's single "Hur Många Dagar Kvar!"

By Jacob Dillon, Rock At Night Grand Rapids-Michigan

Review:  Knogjärn’s “Hur Många Dagar Kvar!”

Knogjärn’s single “Hur Många Dagar Kvar!”

ROCK AT NIGHT SAYS: Knogjärn has done it once again! The newest single “Hur Många Dagar Kvar!” comes out swinging. It’s filled with powerful riffs that just make you headbang and bob your head without even realizing you are doing it.

These Swedish metal heads know exactly how to bring it. The mixture of dirty vocals and clean melodies help set the tone with the powerful guitars and thunderous drums. The chorus hooks you and fills you with an energy that is perfectly mixed and surging with emotion as it slows down for just a moment before ramping back up again.  “Hur Många Dagar Kvar!” sounds reminiscent of bands like AVATAR and power like Gojira in the way all of the instruments come together for 20 seconds and snags you like a fish on a hook. In a world where many bands are beginning to sound the same–this one stands apart from the rest.

I recommend checking this band out and this single as it surely won’t disappoint. I know I wasn’t.

Knogjarn – Photo by Erik Hansen



Band Members:

Kim Eriksson – VocalsMarkus Hurtig – GuitarRasmus Sörbom – BassJohan Hidén – Drums


2015 – “Våldet i ditt Paradis” (Eng.: The Violence In Your Paradise)2017 – “Marscherar och Förstör” (Eng.: March and Destruct)2020, May – “Stora och Farliga” (Eng.: Bid and Dangerous)2020. Nov – “Kvarlevor” (Single collection. Eng.: Remains)2020, Dec – “Stora och Farliga” re-release with new bonus track

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