The Daybreakers release new singles ‘I Hate Disco’ & ‘Call on me’

By Rosine Alleva, Rock At Night EU Editor

The Daybreakers released their brand new single ‘Call On Me’ via all streaming services on 29th October 2021. It was followed by ‘I Hate Disco’ last December 3rd.

Praise for previous singles
“The new voice of rock” – Classic Rock Magazine
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Islington Radio
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The Daybreakers – James, Aidan, Conor

Line up:

Aidan Connell – Lead vocals – Guitar

Conor Cotterill – Bass

James Gullis – Drums

BBC Music Introducing featured Track ‘Call On Me’ (almost 7k Youtube views in a week) and ‘I Hate Disco’ last week!

Aidan Connell’s voice has a slightly nonchalant style, maybe reminiscent of Jim Morrisson’s tone, which at the same time sounds quite elegant. On top of this, Aidan’s lyrics are far from being clichés!

‘Call on me’ – This is what Aidan Connell states:

“This song is a non sentimental post lockdown anthem addressing mental health and depression and the importance of being able to reach out to others when feeling isolated.”

Since the lockdown many people have suffered from mental health issues, affecting lifestyle due to loneliness, helplessness, losing friends or family. The song tries to give us a message of hope, a pin-light through the clouds.

Aidan’s unique style and unmistakable voice, great lyrics easy to sing along, Conor Cotterill’s excellent bass and James Gullis groovy drumming make it an absolutely addictive melodic song!

Listen to ‘Call on me’ on Spotify HERE

The Daybreakers

The Daybreakers latest single ‘I Hate Disco’ is a full frontal assault on rock norms and orthodoxy.
Whether when rock was afraid to die in the late 70’s or still today, people of colour don’t seem to be acknowledged within rock music, which may generate a feeling of inequality….It’s time to waken from this cultural amnesia. The song was first inspired by the rock vs.disco battle which reached its apex at the 1979 Comisky Park disco record-burning, mainly motivated by racism in Chicago. Despite the “disco sucks” period, many rock artists incorporated elements of disco into their music!


Listen to ‘I Hate Disco’ on Spotify HERE

Aidan Connell’s repetitive, nearly robotic vocals are accompanied by Conor and James, the exceptional bass and drums duo, before exploding in this amazing guitar solo in the pure Aidan style. A big contrast with the rest of the song. Who said there were rules in Rock N’Roll?

Rock at Night says- The Daybreakers, an avant-garde Rock trio, bringing something really special to the London Rock scene. A great live band, don’t miss them if you’re around!
Not only the new voice of Rock (Classic Rock Magazine), these guys are the answer to what Rock means in the 21st century! Promise for 2022? More new music, actually two albums…Stay tuned!!



The Daybreakers live :
Thursday 16th December- Muxima Arts & Cultural Space 618 Roman Rd, Bow, London E3 2RW

Thursday 31st March 2022 – The Troubadour 9.00pm 265-267 Old Brompton Rd, London SW5 9JA


Photo credit: Andrew Cotterill



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