Allison Leah Releases Her Second Single ’24 years down’ from Her Upcoming EP

Allison Leah

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Single Release: “24 years down

Release Date: November 5, 2021

Allison Leah

Allison Leah is a New Yorker living in Nashville, a fresh face with a new sound and “24 years down” is the second single from her upcoming sophomore EP scheduled to be released in the Spring of 2022. This song tells Allison’s story so far, each verse riffing on the details as time goes on in her short life. The chorus becomes questioning, reflective and becomes an inner dialogue about her path so far.

Allison wrote this song on her 24th birthday and it was recorded by Alex Bonyata and Jon Altschiller. For anyone checking out her presence on Spotify and other streaming platforms, you will find lots of her other well-crafted songs there as well.

About this song, Leah says, “I wrote “24 years down” about figuring out where I belong in
my mid-twenties. Some people that I know are buying houses and starting families,
and others are still in school, still acting like they’re in school, or figuring out their
passions in life. Over the past few years, time has felt like it’s standing still and slipping
away in the same breath. And while that is valid, this song is a reminder to myself that I
still have so much time left.”

Rock at Night says: “This beautiful song is melodic, played on piano with some lush backing instrumentation. A life story as it were. Certainly poignant with lots of feels. From the lyrics, does she have regrets for wasted time in her past? Perhaps. But per the lyrics, she is living life on her terms and calling the shots. Loved her clear voice, ethereal, a mid-range soprano. And a great songwriter right here!





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