Wille and the Bandits Release a New Single ‘Will We Ever’ From Their Upcoming Album

Willie and the Bandits

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Single Release: “Will We Ever” on Fat Toad Records

Release Date: November 5, 2021

“Will We Ever”

Wille and the Bandits have released the first single from their upcoming album “When the World Stood Still.” “Will We Ever” features Wille’s distinctive slide guitar (his slide is an empty Corona beer bottle) and his powerful vocals. And includes political messaging. Will the world ever be the same after the pandemic is the question! Last year the band was well known as a touring band and the pandemic changed everything–this latest album was birthed out of that creative down-time. The songs from the upcoming album reflect the emotions of that time.

So far the band has five studio albums, they were listed in the top ten live acts to see at the Glastonbury Festival by BBC Radio One and were invited to perform on Germany’s epic Rockpalast TV show. The band has entertained audiences around the world at festivals everywhere.

The band is Wille Edwards on lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, dobro, electric lap steel, Harry Mackaill on backing vocals, bass guitar, synthesizer, Matthew Gallagher on Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes, piano, Mellotron, guitar and backing vocals and Tom Gilkes on drums and percussion. Check out the band’s website for upcoming tour dates–March and April of 2022 will be busy for the band and Troy Redfern will be their special guest! “When the World Stood Still” will drop on January 28, 2022.

Super clever accompanying video with this single and the song opens with amazing slide guitar, a bluesy, swampy refrain and a driving rhythm and the band playing on stage in the video. A business woman walks into the frame and eventually prohibits the band members from playing by tying them up or restraining them. The screen goes white and they are all in the virtual world. Artists really did feel like that when creating music online during the lock-downs. The band members are tied up so they can’t fight back but eventually break free. The song plays on and the band are back on stage again in front of a live audience.

Rock at Night says: “What a great song with a timely message! This video was cleverly thought out and recorded like a super short film and the song is superb and leaves the listener ready to hear the entire upcoming album. The song is a skillful blend of blues-rock, UK style with a lot of southern rock overtones. Wille and the Bandits never disappoint. This is a band to see live!





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