The Machine Rocks Pink Floyd at The Stadium!

Live Review

The Machine

By Mike McKenney, Rock At Night Rhode Island

Live Review: The Machine– Stadium Theatre Performing Arts Center-Woonsocket, Rhode Island-Saturday November 13, 2021

The Machine

Close your eyes and you’d swear Pink Floyd reunited Saturday night at The Stadium! Open your eyes and the lasers and visuals complete the entire Pink Floyd experience. Playing almost 3 hours (with a little break between sets) of idyllic Pink Floyd music, The Machine ran through many well known Pink Floyd hits as well as a few of the more obscure ones.

Judging from the sold out audience, “Wish You Were Here”, “Young Lust”, and “Welcome to the Machine” were particular favorites.

The Machine

There are many good Pink Floyd tribute bands out there but few have mastered their craft like The Machine. The bands lineup features founding members Joe Pascarell (guitar, vocals) and Tahrah Cohen (drums), and longtime bandmates Scott Chasolen (keys, vocals) and Ryan Ball (bass, vocals).

The musicianship and conciseness they perform with only comes from their dedication to being one of the oldest (30+yrs) Pink Floyd tribute bands.

Joe Pascarell and Tahrah Cohen owned “Comfortably Numb” and when listening to “Echos”, you could feel every members contribution.

A great night of Pink Floyd music came to a close with an encore of “Run Like Hell”, as The Machine left to a full house standing ovation. The Machine performs Pink Floyd tour continues up and down the east coast of North America, grab a ticket and “Shine On”!



Mike McKenney