Singer/Songwriter/Film Maker Ricky Mendoza Releases a New Single ‘Move’

Ricky Mendoza

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Release: “Move”

Release Date: September 28, 2021

RIcky Mendoza

Mexican-American folk-punk artist Ricky Mendoza has returned with his new music video for the engaging song “Move.” Featuring fun vocals and cool melodies with an important and profound message for everyone, this song is an anthem for anyone having a tough time and rough blocks in their life. It is an inspirational call to stay strong in order to beat and break through any challenge. The accompanying video is a story of good and evil and shows Ricky running away from what he is fearful of. The video was produced by Mendoza‘s own film production company StoryMakers Production Co. We covered Ricky’s last single release and you can check out that story HERE.

“Move” is the opening track and second release from of Ricky’s new 11-track album “The New Hurt” which captures a myriad of emotions from love and pain and everything in-between. The album is available on all streaming platforms right now. The lyrics of the songs contain deep insight from a master story-teller and songwriter; the need for reconciliation, tenacity and a keep-going attitude in spite of adversity. “Am I a good musician? A good person? What will people say about me?” Mendoza wonders. “This is the voice inside my head telling me that I’m not good enough or that I’m not worthy of love. This is the fear that I wrestle with every f’n day. It poisons me with self-doubt and every day is a constant struggle to defeat my greatest enemy: myself.” Mendoza continues: “As kids, we thought we were capable of anything and then the fear starts poisoning us. My philosophy is that every day is a new life. A day to start over, a day to forgive ourselves and live fully. I know it sounds like hokey-cliche bullshit, but that’s how I feel. To take a breath is a damn miracle and I am a part of this thing we call life. To me, this video says, ‘to hell with that inner voice and live the life you want to live, right now. Move.‘”
Rock at Night says: “This is a clever song with an accompanying video displaying the allegory of facing one’s fears in order to conquer them. The darkness is dressed in black chasing Ricky in white through the streets! Great acoustic guitar work, very 90’s folk-punk-rock style. Loved the ending when Ricky breaks free from “the darkness” and overcomes it! Be sure to watch the video to the end. And thanks for the inspirational message in song! We all need the uplift!





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