Folk Punk Artist Ricky Mendoza Pushes Personal Limits with His New Single ‘I Just Died’

RIcky Mendoza

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Release: “I Just Died

Release Date: July 23, 2021

Ricky Mendoza hails from San Antonio, Texas and is a well known storyteller that explores with his lyrics while daring to express emotions that no one else would! “I Just Died” is the second single off of Ricky Mendoza’s upcoming album “The New Hurt,” with a very cool challenge to create new sounds that reflect emotions. This song is his vision of what he imagines will happen after he dies and he played it with acoustic guitar in a punk-folk style. The guitar is accompanied by a vibrating theramin sound, to give it a paranormal feel.

What would really happen at the moment of death? What would one feel, see or touch? This song explores this and views death from the perspective of the soul. Much anticipated, “The New Hurt” LP is set for release on August 13.

Ricky has two albums so far: “Angst” and “No One Has Their Shit Together.” On the latter album, the listener will find half spoken word and half folk-punk offerings that touch the soul. The album is a reflective journey of self love and awareness. “And even though I can’t help but notice my emptiness,” he sings on the album’s transition song (“Explaining My Loneliness”), “this feels like a damn good time to get my shit together.”

Since the release of “No One Has Their Shit Together” he has changed his perspective as he is in a new relationship where he “threw [himself] to without a safety net.” He was also able to grieve while processing several deaths in own personal life. Adding in the pandemic that we are all now coming out of, he reflects in his own words, “the timing feels so damn right.” About the song, Ricky notes, “I needed it to feel surreal and somewhat creepy but at the same time it’s a very sweet and nostalgic song.

Rock at Night says: “Love this tune and it reminds me so much of the song “And She Was” by the Talking Heads. That kind of imagination that leads us to visualize the story even if it doesn’t seem real and is more like a fairy tale. This song is very deep in self-reflection.”





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