Boston’s Major Moment Release an Intense New Single Titled ‘Dead’

Major Moment

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Release: “Dead

Release Date: August 31, 2021

Major Moment. Photo by Ian Urquhart

Major Moment from Boston have an international vibe as this band is led by two Russian born singers. Their music is intense, with a huge wall of sound from layered synths, dramatic guitar and beautiful harmonies. The band’s previous stand-out single “The Flood” received a lot of attention and critical acclaim acquiring millions of streams and awards for songwriting and the music. They were recently nominated for Best Rock Band at 2020’s Boston Music Awards. With singles and EP’s and true artistic and creative expression (it took 10 months to create the video for “The Flood” for example), this is a band to keep on your radar to see what they accomplish next.

The single “Dead” has an accompanying video that focuses on dystopian themes seen in our current world and where it is all leading. With intense visuals of the coming collapse of our current civilization and social and environmental themes, this video runs like a film short. This band makes great use of lyric videos. Using lyric videos gives the listener/viewer the ability to not miss a single lyric and to fully understand the focused message of the band’s songs.

Rock at Night says about the single “Dead:” “This video and lyrics to the song are intense and with rapid fire visuals in the video, we can see the horrifying aspects of our current civilization in the realm of corporatism, capitalism and the environment. We have to realize we are living on borrowed time and that we humans are part of the problem. The music is fast, incredible guitar work, drums and synths draw it all together in staccato rhythms. Dramatic and meant to be an alarm! Love a song with a message!”





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