Andrew Thomases Releases A New Single About the Environment ‘Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone’

Andrew Thomases

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Single Release “Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone

Release Date: September 17, 2021

What Andrew Thomases likes to do with his music is stir up curiosity. Just like this artist’s last single “Cure Me” (Rock at Night reviewed it HERE), this is a song and an accompanying video that is rather dystopian with images of pristine nature scenes and pollution destroying it. The video is a lyric one, so listeners/viewers can sing along and not misunderstand the lyrics as they are important!

Thomases calls his style “conscious rock” and it is—this song about the preservation of the Earth for generations to come. So Thomases takes his fan base on an emotional journey; it is  his signature style.

Growing up near New York City, Andrew started playing the bass as a child. During high school, he played in cover bands, continued his love for music in college and worked at the campus radio station. Today, Thomases creates music that’s inspired by his move to San Francisco and personal experiences that shape him as a person. A number of my songs reflect my beliefs about our role in the world and society and about the problems that face us today,” Andrew explains.

Throughout my life, I have always been concerned about climate change and the impact humans have on the planet. What will the environment look like in a few generations? Will our grand-kids be able to enjoy it like we do? I decided to write a song about it and I wrote it in the voice of the environment. “Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone” is a warning and a call to action, as we must act quickly to preserve what we have for future generations. Otherwise, they may not even know what they are missing.


Rock at Night says: “This song is a serious call to action and the style of music is trending by many artists in regards to dystopian themes around the environment, political fallout, the eventual fall of civilization, etc. This is one song and video out of a total of 10 singles that this artist will release one at a time. Love the story that this artist is telling through music. Sometimes this is the only way people will really “hear” it.





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