Andrew Thomases Releases a New Alternative Single ‘Cure Me’

Andrew Thomases

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Single Release: “Cure Me

Release Date: August 13, 2021

Reminding us of the political scene here in the US during the previous election cycle, the song “Cure Me” is an ask for guidance and healing at a time of political uncertainties. The lyric video has some cool psychedelic images that blend from one to another and the song gives us the sounds of grunge and garage rock of the late 80’s and 90’s. This song pays homage to Andrew’s love of the band The Cure and this is his debut single.

Andrew Thomases

Andrew says: “Cure Me Of This Insanity! I wrote “Cure Me” at the height of the pandemic, before the 2020 election. The song is written in the voice of our country, and the song expresses my frustration with the then-current state of our society. It is a bit of a cry for help for the country. Despite all that was happening, perhaps something could cure society of the insanity. The song has a 80’s and 90’s sound, and is an homage to The Cure, one of my favorite bands of my youth, with plenty of Cure references sprinkled in.

Rock at Night says: “This song is Grunge and Garage rock which seems to be a popular genre for those artists who wanted to create music around political calls to action. Reminding us of uncertain times as we make our way forward, this song is also a call to healing for all of us. The video has a vintage flair with very trippy visuals hearkening back to the rocker’s stage backdrops of the 60’s; another time when political action was happening. Infectious guitar and percussion streams keep this song going with a hook at the chorus. Love it!





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