A Review of South Bay, LA’s Megg and Her New EP ‘Here for Now’


By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New EP Release: “Here for Now

Release Date: September 9, 2021

Listening to South Bay’s Megg makes me smile. Her pop and her exuberance for life that is reflected in her music and lyrics is infectious–I definitely think of sunshine–and she loves to tell it like it is with a real depth of her emotions noted in each story that she tells. Her EP has six tracks and they vary in genre, sound and tempo and she is a very clever lyricist. It is hard to put this artist into a category. Her music sounds like a cross between P!nk, Bridget Bishop and Avril Lavigne.


Shamoo” is a fun and funky song with lots of defiant attitude, electronics and hooks, very pop-punk. “I Feel Good” starts out slow but is more of a rock song, her lines become powerful and she is honest with her emotions, great lead guitar in this cut. “Disney Shit” is a relationship song that alternates between rocky guitar rhythms and both electric and acoustic instruments and her honesty about a relationship. “Change” is just Megg’s voice and an acoustic guitar, heartfelt and at slow tempo. Longing and angst for a special someone. Love “Summer in the South Bay” and this is a mid-tempo reggae tune, bright and fun! The accompanying video is exceptional and tells a story. “M!ssundaztood” was by far the most commercial of the six songs and my favorite. This is a stripped down pop song, cool percussion with Latin sounding horns to punctuate the rhythms. Loved Megg’s vocals on this one, too! Some of her vocals and her scatting at the outro reminded me of Rickie Lee Jones.

Rock at Night says: “This is an artist on her way up! Absolutely loved these songs and we are sure that this recording is a precursor for more music to come from this talented singer-songwriter. Her powerful feminine attitude is gritty and tough yet she sings about love, happiness and being uplifted! This music is going in the player!”





Anita Stewart
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