NYC’s Gustaf Releases Their Second Single, ‘Best Behavior’ From Their Upcoming Album


By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Single Release:

Release Date: August 24, 2021

Gustaf, NYC’s favorite post-punk band has released a second video from their upcoming album titled “Audio Drag For Ego Slobs.”  The new video is for their song “Best Behavior.” Earlier this month, the band announced an upcoming LP and tour and released the first single from this album, “Book.” You can check out that story HERE. We are looking forward to hearing the whole album!

The band is: Tine Hill on bass, Vram Kherlopian on guitar, Melissa Lucciola on drums, Tarra Thiessen vocals and percussion and Lydia Gammill on lead vocals. Check out their upcoming tour information at their website HERE. Gustaf’s “Audio Drag for Ego Slobs” will be released on October 1st on Royal Mountain Records. It is available for pre-order HERE.


Vocalist Lydia Gammill explains, ““Best Behavior” was fun to record because it was one of the first songs we finished/crafted in the studio rather than onstage. It started out as a demo we had in the early days of the band but never ended up playing live. It sat forgotten until we began planning the record and came together pretty effortlessly in the studio.” She continues, “Unlike the bulk of the album that we developed over the course of many live shows, it was exciting to be making decisions and constructing the final song as it was happening. It also helped us get our footing and identify how we wanted to steer and produce the remaining recordings.

The song’s ethos is a bit of the old and the new attitude for Gustaf. Our narrator, the ‘ego slob’, is bargaining with itself, scrounging for self compassion and self assurance despite a pile of hurt feelings in its wake. In demanding spoils despite having done nothing to earn them, we see the initial cracks in a brutish facade— our antihero slowly realizing maybe the shell they built for themselves was not built for the world.

Rock at Night says: “This is a funky groove song, the keys add the rhythm along with the drums, vocals are very Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson from the B52’s. Way different them some of this band’s earlier releases and even mellower than what we have heard before–this is more danceable pop than post-punk and we are diggin’ the sound. Stay tuned for a review of the upcoming album!”






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