Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes: review of three singles from album ‘Sticky’

Dean Richardson and Frank Carter

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes are releasing their fourth full-length studio album Sticky on October 15th via AWAL Recordings. Three singles have been released from the album thus far: “My Town”, “Sticky”, and “Go Get A Tattoo”.

Sticky, produced by the band’s other co-founder Dean Richardson (guitar, synth/keys), marks the next phase for The Rattlesnakes and solidifies the pairing of Carter and Richardson as one of the most exciting partnerships in punk rock and Carter (previously of Gallows and Pure Love) as a vital voice in UK music, rallying against injustice, the patriarchy, right-wing politics and toxic masculinity.

Let’s take a look at the last three singles:

Rock At Night Says:  “My Town” features IDLES’ front man Joe Talbot, creating a match made in heaven—and one knows the single is going to be great! The song describes the dark seedy side of towns and how people “hide those tears behind closed doors”. Toward the end, Talbot emerges with his usual vengeance saying “You let your dog shit on the street/You kick the roses with your feet.” Carter describes the song as a metaphor for mental health but it’s so much more! A deep message using punk rock as a platform is ace to us!

“Sticky” Carter describes a person wandering around till the wee hours of the night, looking for action, bored, and horny. This high-energy song pumps you up and once COVID is over, will be mosh pit heaven.

“Go Get A Tattoo” features Lynks, and again, another heart-pumping, high-energy song poking fun at one with commitment issues and using one’s body as a canvas. He yearns to have a good time after lockdown, quit watching TV and “burn the news.”

Considering the three released singles, the album Sticky is going to be a winner. In 2022, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes will be on tour in the UK and EU promoting it. Let’s hope he makes it across the pond too.



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