Fab the Duo Releases a Light Pop, High Vibe Single That Makes Us Want to Dance!

Fab the Duo

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Single Release: “Good Distraction

Release Date: August 6, 2021

After the year in quarantine, Fab the Duo is back with a new pop single that lightens the mood anytime anyone hears it! The video of “Good Distraction” is a fun romp through the desert driving a cool convertible muscle car as they sing about the anticipated partying later on! Rock at Night covered this band at the end of last year and you can check out that story HERE. After the release of their debut EP “Our Love Is Resistance” the two of them moved from New York City to Los Angeles for a brand new start.

Fab the Duo is Greg Driscoll and Brendan Eprile. Spending lots of time in NYC, they acquired fans (known as “Fabbits”) and were popular with the nightclub scene and dance crowds in the city. Their sound is inspired by artists like Hot Chelle Rae, One Direction, and P!NK, their euphoric new single “Good Distraction” is the perfect uplift put to song. “Good Distraction” was written when they got tired of hearing bad news and wanted to create a song that “uplifts the lonely, empowers the sad, and gives listeners an exhilarating three-minute distraction from the world.” 

Rock at Night says: “We all need to have fun and express ourselves in bliss and joy. This track does exactly this, it is high-vibes put to song. Love the positivity of this band’s music and watching their videos always puts a smile on my face. Can’t wait for more!”

The video was shot with the help of videographer Ron Geffen and the video feels both retro and timeless. Produced by Niko Vaude with the help of audio-engineer Kai Nakamura, Fab’s new sound is commercial pop while remaining edgy. 

Fab the Duo have performed to energetic crowds at famous venues in New York City such as: The Bitter End, The Stonewall Inn, and The Cutting Room, as well as recently to the executives at The Madison Square Garden Company. Now they are learning their new city. Their music has also been featured on notable press like Billboard, Advocate, HuffPost, and Queerty with Alt Press calling them “a group that should not be overlooked.” Award winning Fab The Duo hope to to change the way people see queer and interracial love in the music scene and beyond. They say to their fans: “Be You. Be Proud. And Be Loud!” 

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