Australia’s Shady Nasty Releases a New Single From Their Upcoming EP ‘CLUBSMOKE’

Shady Nasty

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Single Release: “RoLL1n’ H1LLZ

Release Date: August 12, 2021

Shady Nasty are based in Sydney, Australia and have dropped a new single titled “RoLL1n’ H1LLZ” and they have also announced a new EP titled “CLUBSMOKE” that will be released on October 8, 2021. This is a young band who are releasing music that bends the genres. The video is a blend of evocative and moody electronic music, the lead singer’s vocals accented by a special guest, vocalist Yoni Yen and the visuals of the wide sky and sparse desert landscapes of the far north portion of Australia are dramatic and express the singer’s emotions.

The FADER, Stereogum, Kerrang!, Paste, NME have all praised the band’s aggressive brand of post-punk, but “R0LL1N’ H1LLZ” reveals that the band is turning their music towards a new sound and direction. This cut could also be called electronica, shoegaze, hip-trip, emo or any number of modern genres.

Shady Nasty

The song is about dealing with depression and isolation as vocalist Kevin Stathis wants altered states (“If imma be awake make it like droppin’ pills”); his anguish is visually represented in the video that is directed by drummer, Luca Watson. Kevin channels his sadness rather than aggression. “R0LL1N’ H1LLZ” not only presents a different angle of Shady Nasty’s sound as a band but signifies their development as they move forward and as their creative style evolves with time. “R0LL1N’ H1LLZ” is the comedown,” the band explained. It is your phone hitting 0% on the long and solitary journey home, each bus stop on the night-rider leaving you more sober than the last.

Rock at Night says:The sparse and minimalist scenery of the video adds to the emotions of the song. The landscape on it’s side in the beginning reveals the crazy mood; something is not as it seems or it is off kilter. The song itself is hypnotic, melancholic, trippy. Yoni’s vocals add to the allure. Love the sound!”

As we get closer to October 8, 2021, be looking for Rock at Night’s review of Shady Nasty’s album, “CLUBSMOKE.”






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