Troy Redfern Releases ‘Ghosts,’ an Epic-Like Single and Video from His Upcoming Album ‘The Fire Cosmic’

Troy Redfern

Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Release: Single “Ghosts

July 1, 2021

Troy Redfern who is being hailed as the UK’s “King of Slide Guitar” released a video and a free single to his fans and followers; the track “Ghosts” from his upcoming album on RED7 Records, “The Fire Cosmic.” All you have to do is head over to Troy’s very cool, brand new website and sign up for his newsletter and the first email you get will be the free 4 minute download. We covered Troy’s last release, you can check that out HERE.

Troy Redfern

Troy’s career is in hyper-speed right now with this long awaited 10-track album getting ready to drop on August 6th. He will also be the special guest on Robert Jon & The Wreck’s September 2021 UK tour. Next year in March and April, he will be touring the UK as the special guest for Wille & The Bandits.

About the video and the song, “Ghosts,” Rock at Night says: “The video treats us to a pastoral scene with Troy on slide guitar and a fade-in and out of a woman riding a horse; epic-like and the scenes tell a story of unrequited love. There is some beautiful guitar work on this one, not as hard rock as the last single. It opens with some swampy blues riffs on Troy’s resonator. This song is more ballad-like with the painful spiritual lyrics. A dramatic guitar solo punctuates the end of the song as it comes to the “big finish” chorus along with lots of beautiful background vocals. Yes, you will want to sing along!

The lyrics:

“Clenchin’ the reins as she rides on the plain, the fire in her eyes,

Recalling the days, before the heartache and pain, now her soul has crystallized,

The wind and the rain on her face can’t wash away all those years she left behind,

Could never remain with a heart that’s bound in chains, oh you know that love is blind

She’s riding on, riding on through the pain

When love is gone only ghosts of memories remain

Could never erase, like the lines on her face, oh those scars, they never fade,

Troy Redfern “Ghosts”

The greatest escape that she ever will make, under the stars, like a renegade

(guitar solo)

She’s riding on, riding on through the pain

When love is gone only ghosts of memories remain”

Don’t count on Troy Redfern to slow down any time soon! Check out the tour information HERE. And “The Fire Cosmic” album is available to pre-order HERE. Be looking for Rock at Night’s review of the album coming soon.





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