Troy Redfern Releases Electrifying Single From His Upcoming Album ‘The Fire Cosmic’

Troy Redfern

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Release: “Waiting for Your Love

Release Date: May 21, 2021

Troy Redfern and “The Fire Cosmic”

Troy Redfern is a hard-working musician, loves to play slide guitar and adores the blues and it certainly shows. He rocks hard as hell and the British press calls him the “King of Slide Guitar.” Troy has huge street creds as a musician and has revamped his style over the years. Always busy playing at festival main stages and doing shows across Europe, Scandinavia, and Russia before the lock-downs made touring almost impossible. He’s also become a well-known through the UK Blues Rock festival circuit, playing on the same stage as many notables that have gone on before, such as Robert Plant. He is a recording powerhouse and has created five albums in 2020 alone! Troy is known for his collaborations also and has been playing music for years with his own self titled band. He is also a member of the Southern Blues Rock Supergroup RHR (Redfern, Hutchinson, Ross) who released two albums Mahogany Drift (2017) and Hotel Toledo (2018).

This upcoming album for 2021, “The Fire Cosmic” by Red7 Records, Troy’s own label, has a drop date of August 6, 2021 and the track “Waiting for Your Love” will be the first single to be released. After listening to the entire track, I have only one word–HOT! This song makes me think of a walk through the cypress trees, dodging clouds of “no see-ums” and being on the look-out for gators! This cut is a real swampy, Southern style boogie; a rocky blues tune designed to show-off Troy’s skill on the slide guitar. And his prowess on the frets and strings is not debatable! The music was mixed at Abbey Road Studios. Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal (Guns N’ Roses) on bass and Darby Todd on drums (The Darkness) backed up this track.

Troy Redfern “Waiting for Your Love.” Photo by Rob Blackham.

Says Troy about the hallowed halls of the recording studio: “I chose Rockfield Studios because so much of the music I grew up listening to was recorded at this legendary studio (Queen, Black Sabbath, Mott The Hoople). The studio is hallowed ground for every musician, and the rooms there are charged with so much magic and history of all the iconic, classic albums that have been produced there.

It was important for me to capture the raw energy of three guys playing live in the same place, at the same time. That’s something that you just can’t get if you’re sending files from different locations, it doesn’t have the same vibe or feel if you do it that way”

As soon as we arrived at Rockfield, everyone, including Darby and Dave who’ve recorded all over the world, were excited to be there,” continues Troy. “It’s that kind of place. It has that effect on every musician who records there. Even before we started recording, the energy and vibe was there, which definitely set the tone for the entire album.” 

This artist is definitely one on my list to see in concert! No tour dates are scheduled yet, but keep your eyes riveted here for updated information and stay tuned for Rock at Night’s upcoming review of the entire album. All formats are available for the album and you can pre-order it HERE. Pre-save the single HERE. Upcoming tour info with Wille and the Bandits is linked HERE.





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