Swiss Rockers, the Ellis Mano Band Release The Third Single from Their Latest Album

The Ellis Mano Band

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

Single and Video: “Ambedo Mind

Release Date: July 9, 2021

Swiss Rockers, the seasoned Ellis Mano Band have released their third single from their critically acclaimed album, “Ambedo.” This latest album is an incredible mix of genres, some rock songs, some jazzy, some bluesy. This album is available on all streaming platforms now and is available for purchase in CD or vinyl HERE. Rock at Night did a review of this album last May and you can check that out HERE.

The band’s guitarist, Edis Mano, talks about the concept behind the making of the music video for the “Amebedo Mind” single – “During the pandemic, I was able to teach myself film-making which is something I have wanted to do that for years. What I always missed was the time to learn it in peace and self-taught (thanks YouTube).”

“”Keep It Simple” andThe Question” were the first two music videos I made,” continues Edis. “With Ambedo Mind I wanted to have a cinematographic reference to the subject of Ambedo. That’s why we took the macro recordings with a special lens. This optic makes the smallest objects appear gigantic. This is exactly how we behave during the process of creating an album. The smallest details are often discussed very intensively. There are many parallels.”

Rock at Night says: “We love the jazz influence of this song! This is a sweet, rocky, jazzy, pop sound not unlike Steely Dan with the brass, synths and very smooth lead and background vocals. We also hear a Philly-Pop kind of sound with the lead vocal styling, reminiscent of Hall and Oates. You will be captivated by this new single from these master musicians!”

The descriptive word “Ambedo” fits perfectly with what this band is trying to do with their music. Check out the full definition of the word from the Urban Dictionary HERE.





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