Ellis Mano Band Releasing a Classic Rock and Blues Album That Captivates

The Ellis Mano Band. Photo by Pascal Berger.

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

Recording: “Ambedo” by Jazzhaus Records

Release Date: June 25, 2021

Ellis Mano Band. Photo by Pascal Berger.

Yes, captivating! Excellent songwriting abounds on this recording, a mix of classic rock standards, stirred up with some blues, pop, soft rock, smooth jazz, dramatic love songs and ballads along with rocking out standards. Something beautiful to pop into the player and sing along to and FEEL to. Rock at Night announced and reviewed the single “Keep It Simple” last month and you can read that HERE. This album is their second recording as a band. Their first studio recording was “Here and Now” that came out in May of 2019. “We chose the album title “Ambedo” because it reflects the state of the process of recording an album,” says guitarist Edis Mano. “Ambedo” refers to the tendency both to reflect and to absorb. Musicians like us do it all the time, especially when we compose new songs and create a new album.

This band hailing from Switzerland is Chris Ellis doing vocals, Edis Mano on guitar, Severin Graf on bass and Nico Looser on the drums. Mano and Ellis wrote the music for this album with lyrics by Shane Brady. Recording was done by Edis Mano, arrangements by the whole band and mixed and mastered by Oli Boesch. Chris has those smoky vocals, sometimes gritty, sometimes smooth, depending on what he is singing. Musicianship on this album is exceptional! Beautifully done! Bravo!

The Ellis Mano Band.

Sweet Sin” and an unrequited love relationship and the fantasy that goes along with it; “Ambedo Love” is a sweet, rocky, jazzy, pop sound not unlike Steely Dan-styling with the brass, synths and very smooth background vocals. “The Fight for Peace” is a song about the political state of the world, a slow tempo rocker. “Johnny & Susie” tells a story of two lovers who could never make it work–touching lyrics, long musical breaks similar to the storytelling through song that Bruce Springsteen uses effectively. “Long Road” is a slow tempo ballad, beautiful instrumentation with acoustic guitar and violin with backing vocals. “The Question” is a retro rocker with great lead guitar, rocking out drums, breaks on the keys and timeless styling, this could be a number one in the 70’s. Easily the most commercial song on the album. “Breakfast” is a ballad of love, easily my favorite…very slow and bluesy. Think Eric Clapton. “Heart and Mind” that starts out as an acoustic ballad pulled on my heartstrings as it is a good-bye between lovers that turns into a mid-tempo rock song and back to the soft ballad again for dramatic effect.



2. SWEET SIN (3:12)

3. AMBEDO MIND (3:34)


5. JOHNNY & SUSIE (4:04)

6. LONG ROAD (3:49)

7. THE QUESTION (3:36)

8. BREAKFAST (5:44)

9. KEEP IT SIMPLE (4:16) ***Previously released.

10. HEART ‘N MIND (4:07)

Waiting for the Ellis Mano Band to do a US tour soon. Watch us here at Rock at Night for updates. Love this band’s style; check them out on any of the streaming platforms! You can pre-order this album and get more info about the band HERE.





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