Glam band The Midnight Devils performed a diabolically delicious set in Clearwater, Florida

The Midnight Devils

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa

Review: The Midnight Devils-Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater, Florida-July 24, 2021

Clearwater, Florida was brought to its feet when glam rock band The Midnight Devils arrived at Ruth Eckerd Hall. The band is currently touring with guitar legend Yngwie Malsteem—and this was actually the band’s first tour of Florida.  Hailing from Omaha and Chicago, these cool cats describe their music as “glam slam boogie woogie rock ‘n’ roll”—but I would describe the style as “Sunset Strip sleaze glam rock ‘n’ roll”.  These Midwestern rockers could very well fit into the 1980s hair metal L.A. scene.

Sniper & Sam Spade of The Midnight Devils

Rock At Night features The Midnight Devils in its Summer 2021 Glam Rock issue and has been stoked to see the band perform live.  With the past night’s performance, the band did not disappoint.  With his slim shirtless physique, teased wild blond hair, and full-on make-up, lead singer and bassist Sam Spade rolled onto the stage with all pistons firing. He got the crowd on its feet as the band performed a 30 minute set, which truly set the tone for the evening.

Sam Spade of The Midnight Devils

Lead guitarist Sniper, clearly a disciple of Eddie Van Halen, played a slick guitar run on the cover “Panama”, which had the crowd singing along.  Wearing a shirt “Give me Van Halen or Give Me Head” he sauntered along the floor carrying a bright yellow V-shaped guitar with a sticker “R.I.P. EVH”. Tall and lanky Jimmy Mess, who very much resembles Tommy Lee, pounded on the drums as the band performed “Midnight Devils” and “Baptized by the Radio.”

Jimmy Mess of The Midnight Devils

Spade worked up a sweat as he was leaping (and even flying) with the bass, strutting on the stage, and putting on a very high energy performance.  He even had time to do a “costume change” as he donned a sequined cap and later a feathered pink robe, essential elements of a glam show.  Not only was the music driving rock ‘n’ roll, the theatricality and delivery made for the best of rock entertainment. A few lucky concert goers were even able to wear illuminated devil horns as they were tossed into the audience by the band.

Having attended many concerts at Ruth Eckerd Hall through the years, Rock At Night regards The Midnight Devils as the liveliest support act the venue has seen. The audience was very receptive and I heard numerous accolades in the hallway.  Please come back to Florida, Devils—we need some more of your “glam slam boogie woogie rock ‘n’ roll”!




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Midnight Devils


Baptised by the Radio

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