DEVORA’s New Genre of Outlaw Pop Culminates in the Release of Her New EP ‘Outlaw’


By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Release: EP “Outlaw

Release Date: June 25, 2021


This 5-track EP sets the standard for Arizona native, DEVORA’s self proclaimed genre of “Outlaw Pop.” We have also called it Gothic Country, Outlaw Rock and many more descriptives but whatever you want to call it–it rocks! Every track on this EP is GREAT! But really–if you have any questions about this type of music, the genre has really been around for a long time as evidenced by independent artist DEVORA’s own playlist on Spotify titled “Soundtrack of an Outlaw.” It is made up of her favorite songs by other artists, some old and some new, that fit right in to the same kind or similar creative expression! Even names like Johnny Cash, The White Stripes, Cage the Elephant and Rhianna are on her list!

Rock at Night says: “This EP is high wattage, great driving music, all 5 tracks are fully amped and ready to go! Think expert musicianship and feminine power put into a soundtrack. DEVORA is clearly calling the shots here with her artistic expression and this permeates the music, the videos, the presentation as a whole. This EP is already in our player!

The slowest tempo song with the most poignant and emotive lyrics and acoustic guitar is the song “Elvis,” a country-rock, folk song with lyrics about long lost love, memories and youth. From the song “Body Bag,” “I want to put you in a body bag, ride off into the sunset, how’s that for a comeback?” might be the newest line I rattle off to my other significant other when he gets me angry. Brilliant lyrics!

This is an artist to watch and we are waiting for even more music. Rock at Night has covered the release of two of the singles from this EP and you can check out those stories HERE and HERE. The EP “Outlaw” is available on all streaming platforms now.

The Tracks:

Fist Fight

Body Bag


Not Dead Yet






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