Devora Releases a Dark Song With a Gothic Video and We Can’t Stop Singing It


By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

Artist: Devora

Single and Video: “Body Bag

Release Date: April 27, 2021

Is there such a thing as Gothic Country? Or Gothic Americana? Can rock be mixed into this formula? I can assure you this is what you will hear when you check out Devora, an emerging artist who is making waves and getting noticed by some higher ups in the music biz. She comes from the mysterious deserts and sparse vistas of Arizona. And she calls her musical genre “outlaw pop.”

Devora “Body Bag”

Rock at Night says: “Not unlike a combo of film noire and spaghetti westerns, her videos are just as dark as the lyrics of her songs; lots of black and red, low lighting, leather, cowboy hats, driving guitars and images that make you want to see and hear even more from her.” Rock at Night covered her last single and video release “Not Dead Yet” and you can check that out HERE. Her new EP will be released this week on June 25, 2021–and the title, what else? “Outlaw!” The single “Body Bag” that was released last April tells a story that is full of rage in a film short format.

Devora says about the track, “This song is a front row seat to watching me lose my mind. I snapped after going through some messed up situations and as always, I let my frustrations and anger take shape in song form. This song is my visceral reaction to some crazy shit that went down and writing it was as cathartic as it was liberating. There’s something so beautiful and poignant about not mincing words and just outright saying “I am enraged. I want to put you in a body bag. That is all.” Sometimes there’s really no other words or poetry to describe what you’re feeling and this was one of those instances. This song evokes an ironclad shade of fearlessness that can’t be fucked with. Its raw, its real, It’s untouchable.”

Take a listen! You will be intrigued by this artist and her music. Here at Rock at Night, we want more!





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