UK alt-rock band Chapter and Verse release new single ‘Something in the Water’

Chapter and Verse

Single Review: Chapter and Verse’s single “Something in the Water” – Release date June 1, 2021

Recorded almost entirely from their bedrooms, ‘Something in the Water’ is the result of UK rockers  Chapter and Verse trying to push their artistic boundaries and doubling down on their explorative side. Whilst pushing alt-rock’s confines by polarizing the fierce and frenetic ‘Bad Blood’ against fan-favourite sing-along ‘Sweet Time’, it’s enigmatic frontman Josh Carter’s unique and impassioned vocal that ties Chapter and Verse’s eclectic sound together.  Look for the video for “Something in the Water” on June 8th.

Rock At Night Says:Dark, brooding feel into the song breaks into an all frenzy, before reeling the listener in again.  The song seems to be a modern take on 90s grunge with the use of synth, electric guitars, and chorus-enhanced vocals. It’s heavy but melodic–different from lot of the music out there. It is hard to believe they recorded it in their bedrooms. COVID has really upped the creativity of bands.  Looking forward to more music from Chapter and Verse.




Chyrisse Tabone, Ph.D.
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