NYC’s Wildstreet ravishes Tampa!

Live Review


By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor and Chyrisse Tabone, Photographer

Show Review: Wildstreet, Jetter and Athena’s Fury-June 10, 2021

Venue: Brass Mug in Tampa, Florida


It was a Thursday night at the Brass Mug in Tampa but this venue rocks any night of the week with an assortment of local talent and bands from everywhere that circle through while on tour. Tonight was no exception as there were three bands on the bill and people were arriving early, dressed up and dressed down. This is a watering hole with a full bar, water and sodas, not fancy, most everything served in plastic and a general admission area with wooden tables, chairs, plenty of standing room and a special raised platform for us media folks–a very nice touch!

One of Rock at Night’s favorites is the unfettered and relentless combination of heavy metal, hard rock and glam rock that this band from New York City, Wildstreet creates. They are fun to watch, put on an arena-worthy show, and we love the costumes and the make-up! Their set was great, they performed their classic songs.  This current “Kings of the World” tour is in support of their album, “Wildstreet III” that drops on June 25th. The band is also heading to Europe for some dates. Check out the projected tour info HERE. Their last single, “Mother”, was also reviewed by Rock at Night and you can check that out HERE. Pre-order the new album HERE.


Unfortunately, we missed the first band, Athena’s Fury. The second set was by local band Jetter who is touring with Wildstreet and they have been around since 2017. The band is fronted by Kristie Lee, a charismatic vocalist with star power. Their set was loud, heavy and very worthy! See more about this band at their official website HERE!

Dom Martes and Don Berger-Wildstreet

We joined Dustin Hardman of Golden Robot Records and the band Switchblade Billi and a few of their friends to check out Wildstreet‘s show. And we can’t forget to give kudos to Heather Vallone of RockStar Lifestyle Magazine for her hospitality, as emcee, and as a fellow sista’ working in the music biz. This was a rowdy and raucous show, the band never slowed down and exuded combustible energy throughout their set. The songs had clever lyrics and lots of hooks; today I am singing “Set it Off.” My first thought after seeing the show: why isn’t this band playing in huge arenas?

Wildstreet’s current lineup is: Eric Jayk on vocals, Jimmie Marlowe on guitar and vocals, Dominick Martes on guitar and vocals, Don Berger on bass and vocals, and Lock Driver on drums and vocals. Great musicianship, the band shows off their “guitar army” style, vocals are on point and Lock is quite a bad-ass on the drums! The band has been around since 2006 and had several lineup changes over the years but the continuity of the music has not changed. Their discography includes singles, EPs and albums. They are coming to your town soon so get your tickets early to see this show!








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