Review: UK punk band The Fish Mittens’ album ‘My wife’s clothes don’t fit me anymore’

The Fish Mittens

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night, Tampa, FL

Review: The Fish Mitten’s debut album-My wife’s clothes don’t fit me anymore-Release date February 14, 2021

The Fish Mittens

I have to say my new favorite band is a four-piece punk band from Kent, UK, called The Fish Mittens. Yes, The Fish Mittens—look up the meaning of the name. I have listened to their album My wife’s clothes don’t fit me anymore probably about half a dozen times over the last two weeks. I have had an earworm for one song in particular called “Sunny Meadows” (you know, the insane asylum, but now I digress). Probably if I could describe the band’s music in a few words it would be “Madness meets Sex Pistols”.  There is a ton of dark, irreverent humor with super catchy guitar rhythms, hilarious ‘adult’ topics, and plenty of punk punchiness, whipped into a 10-song package.

First off, I am assuming the album was inspired during lockdown—or perhaps, it was taking its toll on the chaps. The lyrics of the songs center around sex—or the lack thereof.  I am finding myself singing along to the chorus of “Custard galore” (we aren’t talking about donuts here),  “She’s got nits” (but he obviously doesn’t care), and “Peep Show” (pretty self-explanatory).  There’s a rockabilly song about a local brand of red sausage called “Saveloy”, which I get a visual while listening. Someone obviously needs to get laid.

The Fish Mittens

There’s not just the lack of sex but kinky sex going on in the songs like “Strangelove” and the cheeky “My wife’s clothes don’t fit me anymore” (because he’s gotten too fat). Hmm…more pandemic inspired fodder?

“Strawberry jam” isn’t about a jar of that sweet concoction. No-no. This song with a very upbeat tempo describes a man jumping off a building (check out the video). Splat! You get the picture.

Back to the earworm song “Sunny Meadows”.  The lyrics describe a scenario (think One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) but with a very upbeat tempo and melody that is real hard to forget.

The Fish Mittens describe their music on BandCamp as “dark, brutal and funny in equal measure with killer tunes to boot.”  That pretty well sums it up! You have melodic, 70s-inspired punk music, with a bit of “frat boy attitude”, and a wee bit of campiness. I’m in love!

The Fish Mittens are..

Mick Mould:  Vocals

Mike Bridle:   Guitar

Paul Clemas:  Bass

Tim Powell:   Drums


Song List

Dirty Harry, Strangelove, Sunny meadows, She’s got nits, Saveloy, Public schoolboy, Custard galore, Peep show, Strawberry jam, My wife’s clothes don’t fit me anymore



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