Chatting with Ann Courtney from the rock band ‘Mother Feather’

Ann Courtney of Mother Feather.Photo by Chyrisse Tabone.

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

INTERVIEW: Ann Courtney of the rock band Mother Feather

Mother Feather. Photo by Chyrisse Tabone

Rock at Night had a great opportunity to speak with Mother Feather‘s lead singer, Ann Courtney. The band formed in 2009 and started performing in venues in New York City in 2010. Their name was created by a mishmash of words that were meant to be an expletive but it came out wrong somehow–a Freudian slip.

During this past year, Ann has been recovering from a fall and her time on the couch has given her opportunities to get even more creative. The band members are planning getting together soon to go over some brand new tunes. When speaking about glam-rock and rock, she described her very unique take on genres and being categorized or put in a box as it were, not something she likes. She considers the band to be more rock-influenced.

Some of the topics we covered were the band’s new song, “You’re a Dead Man,” lyric videos such as “Egyptology,” early influences such as Marc Bolan and T. Rex, touring, festivals, style, glam culture and clothing, the charity Madre, the creative process and so much more.

Look for the full interview in our upcoming Summer 2021 GLAM ROCK issue, which will be released June 20, 2021.

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