Arielle’s Upcoming Album Makes Old Methods of Recording Music New Again


By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

Album: Analog Girl in a Digital World by Arielle

Release Date: May 7, 2021

OK, we have gone through a major time warp here and we know that this young and accomplished musician was born in the wrong decade! Judging by the title of Arielle‘s latest album, Analog Girl in a Digital World her music is more like the 60’s and 70’s. Half of the album was recorded digitally and the other half on tape, honoring both millenniums that influenced her music.

Livestream Concerts

The album was recorded in Austin and Nashville capturing the energy of both places and using artists from both cities. Well, I’ve heard the album and it is great, retro but new at the same time! Nine songs on Arielle’s ninth album and each song packs a punch! Perhaps the number nine is an auspicious or life-path number? Pre-order the album in CD, Vinyl or Digital right HERE.

Arielle is rapidly becoming a favorite here at Rock at Night and we have reviewed the two singles she has released from the album so far: “Peace of Mind and “Inside Outside.” Rock at Night also got to chat with her on one of our most recent podcasts a few months ago. On this album, Arielle has mostly a beautiful, mid-range vocal and her guitar work is excellent. Her songwriting is full of insight and life experiences for one so young!
Arielle, Brian May and 4 BMG “Arielle” Designs

As the protege of both Brian May (of Queen) and Vince Gill, she was recognized by both as a musical prodigy with lots of promise. Those two mentors thoughtfully took her under their wings early on. While gaining knowledge through higher education and getting her street creds with a bad record deal early in her career, Arielle is hitting the airwaves with this album launch loaded down with life experience and ready to do things her way without compromise!

Arielle has a series of four livestream concerts coming up where she will discuss the creative process, the recording sessions for the latest album in great detail, along with a performance of the album in it’s entirety. The first two live-stream performances will also include a performance of her previous album, Suspension/Dimension. A portion of the proceeds from the livestreams will go to Arielle’s “The Tonewood Forest” nonprofit, a charity that conserves the life and well-being of trees. Get your tickets HERE! Brian May is featuring an updated rebuild of Arielle’ distinctive guitar, the “Two-Tone ” with a brand new name, the “BMG Arielle,” as her signature guitar. Get the specs on this instrument and more information HERE. Pre-order HERE.
Front Cover


Songtracks on “Analog Girl in a Digital World

Dialup–opener with vocals and sounds of an older dial-up computer.

Digital Worlda nostalgic look at the past and what we did have with no care about what those items have been replaced with. Definitely a rockin’ song.

Peace of Mindbeautiful song, also commercial, happy, positive and a great retro sound. Nice guitar, a campfire song, being inspired to cut ties and to move on.

This is Our Interventiona power rock song, Arielle tells a story with this one. With the change in tempo, I am remembering some parts of  The Who’s “Tommy” rock opera.

Still a ManArielle’s homage to a guy that did not make her happy. His faults are hung out to dry and Arielle’s displeasure is the focus. Great rock and roll guitar here!

Back Cover

Inside and Outside–lush vocals, beautiful instrumentation, telling a pensive thoughtful story about a love interest. Very Fleetwood Mac sounding, 70’s song, probably the most commercial.

I’d Rather Be in England-Celtic rhythms and instrumentation, a lilting, lyric laden recollection of London and other Anglophile sights. Cool guitar work.

Living in a Fortressfolk sounding ballad, acoustic instrumentation, vocals with backup and cool hooks, some lead guitar work. My favorite on the album.

Reimagine Redefinevery synthy sounds open this song with light, lilting vocals, very fairy-like, slower tempo, a contemplative song, towards the end an impressive guitar solo–perfect to end the album with.

Overall, the album “Analog Girl in a Digital World” captures the retro rock sound of an era where music was defined by real melody and lyrics. Arielle has tapped into the classic rock and blues rock sound of the 70s, and Rock At Night is lovin’ it!


Arielle – Vocals, Backing Vocals, Acoustic and Electric guitar, Synths, Harmonium
Justin Weaver – Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Kate Haldrup – Drums
Michael Davila – Drums
Bill Levsey – Keyboards, Piano, Synths, Organ, Rhodes, Harmonium
AJ Vincent – Hammond, Piano, Synths
Nick Byrd – Bass Guitar
Devin North – Bass Guitar
Guthrie Brown – Backing Vocals

Engineered by:
Chris Mara (Welcome to 1979, Nashville, TN)
Michael Wagener (Wireworld, Nashville, TN)
Frenchie Smith (The Bubble, Austin, TX)
Assistant Engineer – Jeremy Bernstein (Welcome to 1979)

Mixed by – Chris “Frenchie” Smith
Mix Assisted – Christopher Messina & Jas Nowicki
Mastered by Dave McNair





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