Chatting with musician/songwriter ARIELLE

Arielle and one of her signature guitars. Photo by Caitlin Brady.


By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

Rock at Night got to sit down and chat with Arielle, an amazing guitarist and musician who early on caught the eye of Brian May of the band Queen. She has collaborated with him and many other huge names in the music business. On February 12th her single “Peace of Mind” was released from her upcoming album, her ninth studio effort, “Analog Girl in a Digital World.” The full length album will drop on May 7, 2021.

This young woman is bright, articulate, super-talented and totally dedicated to her music and our conversation was profound and eye-opening. We spoke about women in the music business, her new line of guitars coming out, her own personal morals and ethics about her work, the cities where the music scene is best and where she likes to live and so many more topics. Click the player button for more information about her guitars (she will plant a tree for each one sold) and her new music. An enlightening chat with a remarkable person!

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