Wavy Trees Release Their Very Fun Debut Single “I Wanna Go Out”

Wavy Trees

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Release: “I Wanna Go Out

March 31, 2021

Rock At Night says: The Los Angeles band, Wavy Trees is super fun, have just released their debut single with it’s indignant title about how they REALLY feel about the quarantine! And we definitely get it! This song just could be a  rebellious anthem! With scurrilous lyrics and very ear-wormy hooks, I was singing along in no time after just two listens. It was very soothing to my anarchist soul! This band is pretty impressive, a melange of punk, pop, rock, grunge, they have headlined at some very trendy and famous venues in and around Los Angeles.

“I Wanna Go Out” by Wavy Trees

Wavy Trees’ Zack Smith explains: “Originally, the song was titled “Don’t Wanna Go Out” – but it made no sense after the pandemic hit so we changed the chorus lyric and then it made perfect sense. We are basically just talking about the frustration of being stuck inside our own cages… And stuck in our heads – the thoughts that hold us back from our full potential as humans. Sometimes the only thing holding us back are our own selves, and we need to shake that loose and just go for it. The song also alludes to the first time of getting high and just the chaotic things that we all go through when we’re young.”

On the video, Zack says: “The ‘I Wanna Go Out’ video shoot was a blast! We came up with all the ideas a few days prior and sent them to our Director Ron Geffen of Rockland Studios. The meaning behind the video is on the surface, we all put on the front that we are OK with staying inside & are keeping the real version of ourselves locked in the basement. So basically, it’s our real selves trying to break out into the world, but we are also just keeping ourselves trapped within. The video was filmed at Jason’s house in East LA – and Ron really captured the essence of the song. We secretly thought the video made no sense at all, but it ended up turning out great & we are stoked on it – Hope y’all enjoy!”

The band recorded this track with the producer Jay Baumgardner who is also the owner of NRG Studios in North Hollywood, California. In the past he has worked with Seether, Bush, Papa Roach, Lacuna Coil and Otherwise to name a few. The band along with Baumgardner are working on new singles and have an EP planned for the latter part of 2021. Rock at Night is waiting to hear more from this band!





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