Review of Arielle’s Stunning Upcoming Album ‘Analog Girl in a Digital World’


Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

Album Review: “Analog Girl in a Digital World

Release Date: May 7, 2021

Arielle is an old soul that was born at the wrong time and seems to fit in more with the love and peace decades of the 60’s and 70’s. And that is how she creates her music; the title of her latest album will reveal this to you in no uncertain terms. Even in times much earlier, so much of the creative work in the music industry was done by hand with no or very sparse electronics, engineering know-how or machinery. “I take and protect those principles inside my music,” says Arielle.

Arielle and her guitar Two Tone. Photo by Caitlin Brady.

This new album takes you on a pathway through the difficulties and confusion of a pure artist creating straight from her soul in “no tech” and “low tech” ways–leaving the fancy, slicked-up trickery of studio-born sounds to other artists. Arielle decided to record this album doing half in digital and the other half on tape to try and capture the impact the 60’s and 70’s music had on her. Analog recording seems truer to the creative process and much truer to the finished sound and final product in many ways. The album was recorded in Nashville and Austin to catch the musical vibe of both cities and their musicians.

Arielle is a favorite here at Rock at Night–we have covered her latest single releases (HERE and HERE) and I was able to chat with her a few months ago. Click HERE for that podcast. On this album, her skill at guitar for one so young is unquestionable and her voice is between an alto and soprano (perhaps mezzo-soprano). She is probably a 4-octave range. Her vocals sound womanly and commanding so the rock genre is perfect for her.

As a protege of Brian May (QUEEN), her musical training along with years of experiences in the music industry, both good and bad, Arielle has earned her street creds. Her guitar, based on her “Two Tone,” the one she built with a friend is now called the BMG ARIELLE is can be pre-ordered in Brian May’s guitar store. Each of her albums tells a story and this latest is no exception. This is her ninth recording and she is quickly developing an industry standard by not selling out or compromising on her artistic ideas and ideals. Arielle also has some intimate performances coming up (she will play this album in it’s entirety) that will be live-streamed. You can listen to the released tracks and pre-order the album HERE.

Track List:


Digital World

Peace of Mind (video)

This is Our Intervention

You’re Still a Man

Inside & Outside (video)

I’d Rather Be in England

Living in a Fortress

Reimagine Redefine





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