Review: KC Bowman’s ‘Goodbye Chump’ offers plenty of 60s vibes

KC Bowman

By Terry Marland, Rock At Night Wales

Review:KC Bowman’s “Goodbye Chump” – Big Stir Records – Release date January 15, 2021

Goodbye, Chump

KC Bowman is a well-established multi-instrumentalist  and producer for Bay area bands Corner Laughers and  Agony Aunts. He is also featured on guitar with The Bye Bye Blackbirds whose album Boxer at Rest was well received in 2020 .

On “Goodbye Chump” Bowman sings, plays all instruments  and has also produced this truly solo offering. Oh, I should also say that he wrote the song too

This, not so fond and well timed farewell to the outgoing  premiere, has a super catchy tune with a pulsating beat that will become an earworm that you‘ll find hard to shake off. Accompanied by crystal clear lyrics that are cleverly constructed to leave the listener in no doubt about Mr Bowman’s approval of the recent election outcome.

The song has a ‘60s vibe and seamlessly morphs into the “let the sunshine in “ refrain  from Aquarius heralding a new dawn  and a final farewell.

KC Bowman

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Terry Marland